Soliya Session 1

My first session with Soliya was very different than what I’ve expected. Before having the session, I thought that we would be able to say our thoughts freely, without a particular order. However, when I logged in, it came to my realization that we have to talk in a proper order by pressing ‘talk’ and ‘release’. I understand that the main reason behind this is to give every teammate the chance to participate, without interrupting each other. However, I feel like this somewhat ruins the idea of an open conversation and instead creates a very structured conversation, where you’ll probably filter and change your words a million times before actually stating your true opinion.
Furthermore, I’ve realized that the session cannot go forward without the help of each and every teammate, therefore, I was glad to see that almost all of my teammates have done the readings, this way we were all capable of contributing to the conversation and sharing our different perspectives. Additionally, the activity I enjoyed the most was the Identity one, because it is always very interesting to see how different cultures define identity. For example, most of my teammates that are from Arab countries, defined Identity the same way I defined it, family, religion, occupation, etc. On the contrary, people from different areas, such as: Americans thought of identity through a different perspective, for example, relationships, values, and friendship. They did not mention what their religion is, which state they live in, or even their family members. This was surprising to notice because it portrays how individuals with similar backgrounds, have a lot in common. That being said, I’m sure that by the end of this semester I’ll notice that we’re all the same in one way or another, at the end of the day we’re all human.
Lastly, it was very interesting to see people from opposite ends of the globe connecting and keeping an open mind throughout most conversations. In the world we live in today, it is very easy to judge different cultures, based on the information posted on mediated platforms. Therefore, I’ve enjoyed this opportunity.


One thought on “Soliya Session 1”

  1. Thanks for this Nayera. It’s really interesting what you mentioned about how the talk button could interfere with the flow of an open discussion. It’s one of the things where computer mediated discussion is different from face-to-face and it has its pros and cons, which might be worth discussing in class – and it would be interesting to hear from you later as the semester progresses how you feel about that talk button! Is it something you get used to? Will new approaches to discussing evolve from using it?


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